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Product Benefits

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Sugar Scrub Lip Exfoliator Benefits


Hydrate - If you suffer from cracked lips or dry lips, using a simple lip scrub can help! What happens when you use it is that it stimulates the cells and gets rid of the old and dead cells which in turn gives your mouth a reason to stay moisturized and fresh. Using a lip scrub will keep your lips from cracking and drying out. This is one of the key benefits that a lip scrub provides by bringing moisture to your lips from the plant and seed oils that it contains. Having hydrated lips is a major factor in preventing them from getting dry and chapped in the first place. Lips are naturally sensitive to moisture loss. Therefore, use our sugar lip scrub to keep them hydrated!


Protect - The skin on your lips is super thin. Which means you have to protect them! Using a lip scrub packed with coconut and/or almond oil protects your lips from sun damage as they act as a natural SPF. This is also VERY important to prevent your lips from aging caused by sun damage. So... go for our vanilla or bubble gum lip scrub!


Exfoliate - Our lip scrubs are sugar based which is a perfect and delicious exfoliator for lips! Exfoliation is needed to get rid of dry skin and to make sure your lips are nice and healthy. Exfoliating also means promoting blood circulation and regenerating cell growth which will bring your lips to a bright pink color.


Soften - Lip scrubs are known to leave lips softer.

If you’ve ever had the feeling that your lips are a source of dried and dead skin, a gentle lip scrub can take away that thought and worry in a short amount of time. Using a lip scrub can help your lips have new cells

Sounds weird, but it’s true! Scraping away the old cells and bringing out the new ones is a super simple way to have your lips looking and feeling refreshed.

This is because they get rid of dead skin that lays all over your lips leaving a soft surface. In addition, lip scrubs contain oils that moisturize your lips to prevent them from going dry...especially in changing weather.


Plump - Did you know?! Our lips scrubs will plump your lips to make them look bigger and fuller. This is mainly because of the sugar that exfoliates them promoting blood circulation and therefore making them appear larger! Our Cherry Bakewell Lip Scrub contains cinnamon too which will leave an even more visible result. Try it out!


Smoothen - Your lips do not have their own oil glands which mean most of the time they dry up and go flakey. Using a lip scrub will help you achieve smoother lips due to the oils that it uses to hydrate your lips. Once again exfoliating you will reduce the fine lines in your lips which will overall smooth out the surface.

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